"I have trained with Nazish for over 3 years and have experienced such a transformation in the way I look and feel. Nazish totally understands how the body works and even better - how to work the body. I appreciate the fact that she lives what she teaches and is always seeking new ideas and methods to take my body to the next level. Her workouts are interesting, challenging and balanced. She is not only a physical coach but has been a great inspiration and life coach providing me with motivation and courage to keep going. I highly recommend Nazish and encourage anyone looking for an experienced and ethical trainer to try her classes." - G

"My experience with Nazish was truly transformative. I started to see her about 2 months after I had my son; after the first session, I felt like I'd had a great workout...after the 10th workout, I was back at my pre-pregnancy strength. It was encouraging and affirming to feel so much more like myself with every session. Thanks Nazish for helping me regain my strength and for giving me something to look forward to and force me out of the house each week!"
-K, (elite marathon runner)

"I opened up the belt on my rope hoping to release the pressure on my stomach while sinking deep in the couch and watching TV that evening after only my 2nd session with Nazish 8 hrs prior. Oh mine... It was not the belt that was pushing my tummy in, it was my own stomach muscles which were in automatic operation and sucking my entire gut deep inside me. What a miracle. I absolutely believe in BFitBU's methods of Pilates. I have been doing every different form of exercises from kick boxing, hot yoga and consider myself a bit sportive with my routine hours of biking and hiking during the week but nothing like Pilates has been so effective in making me feel in shape and young. I owe my fit body to Nazish's strong character and perseverance. She knows how to push me to do more and better. Thank you Nazish. Thank you BFitBU."
-S, (43)

"I have been doing Pilates for over 2 years, though I have always enjoyed it I have never gotten the results I desired until I found BFitBU. Nazish’s technique is unique and the best I have ever seen, her dedication to physical fitness and her commitment to her work is refreshing. During every session she pushes my body to the limit, even when you think the impossible she motivates me, you learn how to push your body and mind to extremes. Nazish is always switching up work-outs and teaching new techniques so you never get bored with your routine. My body is more toned and defined than it was when I was in my 20’s, it is the first time in my life that I have been so aware of my muscles, tendons, joints, etc. I have received several compliments from family members and colleagues about my body, apparently my arms are better than ever!!! I have BFitBU to thank for making me become more aware of my body. I want to continue a healthy lifestyle and plan on doing Pilates for the rest of my life. It’s not about looking good as it is feeling good, the looking good is just a perk!Thank You BFitBU!"
A, (32)

"I found Nazish a few weeks after I gave birth to my first child. I was home on maternity leave and was having a lot of back pain caused by weak stomach muscles. My friend used Nazish and raved about her. I started working out with Nazish a few times each week and was thrilled bc I could bring my newborn with me to her studio. She made the transition to working out again so easy! She held my son in the Bjorn carrier as he slept and instructed me with my first forray into pilates.I saw my body change and I began to regain my strenght. The best part about Nazish is that she is so passionate about what she does and takes the time to attend conferences/trainings to expand her range. She constantly switched up my workout and for the first time in a long time made me look forward to exercising!!!
J (34)

"I love staying in shape but before meeting Nazish I had only dabbled in yoga.  Every few months, I would decide that I “really should get into yoga.”  After one class, I would find myself intimidated, confused and uncomfortable, and promptly give it up (again). Then I went to Nazish’s Vinyasa class. It was amazing! Her calm demeanor, clear direction, patience, and understanding completely changed yoga for me.  Instead of dreading class, I would wake up early on Saturdays excited for her class. Her knowledge of yoga, fitness, and the body is impressive.  Nazish’s dedication to helping people achieve their fitness goals really sets her apart. Her enthusiasm is contagious." 
– M, (Age 33) 

"I always loved yoga with Nazish at CKO so when I learned she does pilates, it was a no brainer to try it out with her! I showed up for my first session with NO CLUE about what to expect! FIVE sessions later there is absolutely NO DOUBT that my core is leaner and tighter. In addition I have found that my CKO workouts are MUCH more effective: the bags are taking more of a beating and I feel like I'm getting more of a cardio benefit! Nazish is great at explaining how the pilates workouts compliments my running and kickboxing to maximize the benefit to my body. If you're interested in exploring pilates, there is no better way than with Nazish. You'll never enjoy more having the crap beaten out of you! (And your body will thank you!)" - P, ( works out 5days/wk)

"Although I have been working out for decades, I am pretty new to the yoga scene and was somewhat intimidated the first time I decided to take a class.  However, with Nazish for an instructor, I immediately felt comfortable.  You can actually close your eyes and do the moves because she gives such great detail to what the poses are.  It's a very challenging workout but also leaves you so relaxed when it is over.  Nazish is very knowledgable about yoga, but what I love the most is how dedicated and passionite she is about it.  You can feel her energy in the room.
 I also just started Pilates with the reformer machines with Nazish.  Again, this lady knows what she is doing and knows how to push you to get the most out of your workout.  Your entire body is engaged.  You are sure to see results and not only that, you get to spend an hour with a woman who is truly dedicated to the practice of yoga and pilates and gives her all to help you achieve your personal best." - L, (works out 5-7 days/wk)

"I started doing pilates with Nazish two days per week a few months ago. Prior to pilates, I was doing 5-6 days of cardio at the gym.  Adding two days of pilates in place of two days of cardio has really made a difference in my body.  I'm stronger and leaner - my clothes are fitting better! Nazish is wonderful to work with - she challenges me and no two workouts are the same.  I can't recommend Nazish or pilates enough!" - J, (38)

"I started training with Nazish in 2009 for my weddingNot only did I lose weight, but I developed a love for wellness and fitness. Nazish is highly motivating which provides that extra boost on those days when motivation is low. She has a keen sense for challenging you and adapting to your needs in order to achieve your goals. I find that her corporate background really resonates with me. She understands the demands of work and family life and makes her training program a natural fit in your life. I always look forward to my training sessions and can't wait for the next one!" - N, (Partner Jacobs Rosenberg, LLC )

"Practicing Vinyasa Yoga with Nazish is a transforming experience for my mind, body and spirit.  Nazish's expertise, compassion and true passion for her practice is what makes her sessions unique.  Through Nazish's guidance
and instruction I am taking my physical, emotional and spiritual strength to a higher level."
H,(Lawyer, mom of 4) 

"I first met Nazish at CKO Kickboxing, where we both worked.  She had mentioned to me that she had the idea to bring yoga to our members, and honestly, I was more than a little nervous! At our gym, the training style is very tight and powerful.  It is a kickboxing gym, after all!  I did notice that the majority of instructors and members (including myself) had very limited flexibility, and in turn suffered more than their share of injuries. I consider myself a decent kickboxer, yet I could just barely graze the tops of my shoes with my fingertips when I attempted to touch my toes...  Needless to say, the thought of taking a yoga class was terrifying.  I kept imagining myself twisted into painful pretzel-like poses that caused me pain just thinking about them!  Nazish definitely had her work cut out for her trying to convince these aggressive, type-A personality members that they should incorporate yoga into their workout regimens! The time came for our first class.  Nazish guided all of us overly tight, short-muscled kickboxers through the most gentle, non-intimidating yoga session ever.  I was surprised that I wasn't in pain, and even more surprised that I was working up an actual sweat!  Her guidance and verbal cues make her class very easy to follow, and the flow of the poses is timed perfectly to provide an optimum stretch to tight muscles while strengthening them at the same time.
I'm proud to report that I haven't had any knee or back issues since beginning yoga with Nazish, and I used to deal with one a month, on average.  Best of all, I not only can touch my toes-- I can almost touch my face to my shins!  Through her classes, I've also learned to match my breathing to my poses, a skill I find myself using in real-life situations as well.  All in all, thanks to Nazish sharing her yoga practice with me, I've become a better athlete-- but most importantly, I've become a calmer, better person."
K, ( Trainer)

"Since training with Nazish my whole body looks stronger and more lean. She has an understanding of the human body and it shows in every workout, as she always shows modifications for exercises if I'm having a bad day for any area that needs extra attention . Another thing that keeps me coming is that no two workouts have ever been the same. She has great energy, and being a mom of three I often come to her pre-occupied & distracted and at the end of each session I'm always more present and focused. Nazish has not only convinced me that pilates is one of the best workouts for the full body, especially abs, but also shown me its a great workout to help you with the mind, body coordination.  Another great thing is that being a mom herself she always understands my schedule conflicts with my kids activities & has always been flexible with times just so I have no excuse to miss my workouts. She has really made me agree that to be a good mom I should BFitBU. "- D, (mom of 3)

"Being a newbie at working out, Nazish has been great at getting my feet wet gradually with my new workout routine. I saw her at a birthday dinner and it was the best way to start my new year with my resolutions of getting fit and keeping those resolutions of staying fit & healthy as we progress into the year. I love that she pushes me, even on days when I just dont have my heart into working out & she reads me & my body right away :) But each time I'm done with working out, I am more positive and focused on my goals. She is extremely flexible so I have no excuse to make up for a missed session (incase my kids are sick/snow day) which works well so I always get "my time" in that one hour workout routine.  Each session has been challenging and I feel the muscle soreness and "tightness" after every work out.   The best part is I wanted cardio as well, so she  incorporates cardio 1x week so I can get both my cardio as well as my strength-training+pilates workout all at her studio (have to go no where else).  And also throughout the session she keeps asking me qs. on how I'm doing and where I'm feeling the effects of the exercise to make sure its working the body the way it should - since she knows what my body needs and modifies if its putting undue stress anywhere. Most of all, I had no previous experience at pilates (on mat & equipment) but she made it all so simple for me, and so I have to say I love working out at BFitBU and thank you for my new found love for pilates for being such an ABSolute "AB" engaging workout. "- J, (mom of 2)
Partner Trainings - 
"I just started pilates with Nazish and have been partner training with a friend.   My friend has had quite a bit of experience with pilates, while I am new to it.  Nazish has been wonderful about tailoring the workout perfectly to meet both of our needs.  She is extremely motivating, keeping us both moving and working us hard!   I've never experienced a workout that works my whole body like pilates does.  After my workouts with Nazish, every muscle in my body is sore, even muscles I didn't know I had, seem to be strengthened.  I can truly feel the difference in my body after just a few workouts.  I would definitely recommend partner training with Nazish ... you get a great workout with an amazing instructor, while getting the chance to catch up with a friend!  Anyone who needs to get back into shape should go see Nazish at BfitBU!!"- K, (mom of 2)
"I just began partner training with a friend at BFitBUand I have to say, they have now become my favorite 2 nights of the week.  Nazish's unique background of yoga and pilates training provides such a relaxing zen atmosphere and an incredible workout that pushes you to your limits of maximum flexibility and strength.  I have been taking pilates for a long time in group settings but have never seen the same effects and or felt the soreness in every muscle like I have with her workouts. Nazish watches my every move and makes certain that I am properly engaging the correct muscle groups every time to give me the most effective workout possible.  Her workouts are intense, but she is so wonderful and motivating, and having a friend with you makes it so much fun!  By the end of our workouts I feel amazing, both in body and mind. And it gives me and my friend a great weekly  excuse to grab a drink afterwards and catch up! I highly recommend it!"- M, (mom of 3)

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