10 sessions - feel the difference
20 sessions - see the difference
30 sessions - a whole new body

PILATES: "Contrology" or Pilates is the complete coordination of the body, mind and spirit. One of the most effective ways to work the whole body keeping the core engaged at all times as you lengthen and strengthen in a 3 dimensional plane. As you stretch one part of your body you strengthen another area of your body. When applied correctly you will develop muscular power with endurance, walk, run or travel for long distances without undue fatigue or mental strain. It works not just the superficial "6-pack" i.e. rectus abdominis muscle but goes deep down to the transversus abdominis muscle i.e. your natural girdle that wraps around your waist leaving you "zipped" - making you look better, feel better and move better after each workout.  

Single: $80
5 pack: $75 per session ($370)

Duets/Partner Training:
Split the cost, catch up with your friend and get a good workout. 

Single: $50 per person
5 Pack: $48 per person ($240)

STRENGTH TRAINING: Circuits incorporating cardio & weights.
  • Customized one-on-one strength training sessions designed to challenge you and assist you in your fitness goals.
  •  Enhance core strength. Build Muscle Mass as you boost your resting metabolism (which helps you burn more calories). 
  • Lower your Body Fat Percentage ( & fit into your skinny jeans).

Private Session: $80
Duets: $60 per person ($120)

VINYASA YOGA: Feel an immediate sense of vibrant relaxation in your body and mind. Rejuvenate your spine, stretch your eyes and your mind as you take a few valuable moments with this targeted practice. We are at our best when we approach work and it's challenges from a balanced inner place. 
Also known as Power Yoga where you increase your heart rate through isometric contractions of the muscles. Follow your breath through each asana as it helps you relax and lower your cortisol levels (stress hormone associated with the belly fat). Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced Level. Learn proper alignment & breathing to get the benefits through your practise and get into a deeper level.  

  • Lose body weight.  
  • Increase core strength. 
  • Increase flexibility. Build strength using your body weight. 
  • Eliminate Stress. 
  • Increase Flexibility. 
  • Alleviate Neck, Back, Shoulder and Lower Back Pain.  

Single Session: $80
5 Private Sessions: $370 ($75 per session)
2-4 people: $45 per person

YOGASCULPT: Taking Vinyasa Yoga to a step further by incorporating weights.
5 Private Sessions: $370 (80 per session)
2-4 people: $45 per person

YOGA/PILATES (Yogalates): $85 per private session
Duets: $55 per session

Group of 4: $180 per session or $300 for 2 sessions per week
Group of 6: $200 per session or $320 for 2 sessions per week
Group of 8: $250 per session or $375 for 2 sessions per week

 All sessions are 50 minutes, unless otherwise noted.
Cancellation Policy: Appointments may be cancelled online, or by calling (201)870-0740 at least 12 hours in advance to avoid charge. 

Other packages available upon request. Reach me at BFitBU@gmail.com